J model
Orange Black Brown
Orange Black Brown
For Endurance and ordinary horse riding
Sold out
*Material: AIR GUARD
*Fabric: LUMIDEX
*Colour: Orange, Black, Brown.
*Size: XS,S,M,L, XL, XL
*Black only for XL size.

After airbag inflated Before airbag inflated
After airbag inflated   Before airbag inflated
Sizes (cm) XS S M L XL
Height 145-155 150-165 160-170 165-180 170-185
Chest 68-78 75-86 82-95 90-105 95-115
Waist 60-68 66-74 72-80 78-88 86-96

When the rider is thrown away from the horse for certain distance, an airbag contained in the vest inflates instantly to protect the body. With a pulling force of over 25 kgs, a coiled wire, connecting the saddle and the airbag vest, pulls a key out of a gas release system and inert gas inflates the airbag in full within half a second to provide the necessary impact protection for the neck, chest, sides, back and hip.
The vest only can be washed after the airbag system is removed from the vest.

To tie the Coiled Wire to the Saddle Holder is simple.
A saddle holder is required to be attached to the saddle.

On and off the horse, One-Touch Release is handy.  
Even if the removal of the coiled wire from the one-touch release is forgotten when getting off the horse, the rider will only feel a strong tug, and the system will not activate, because such pulling force is not strong enough to do so.

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