Q If a rider forgets to release the coiled wire when dismounting the horse, will the airbag activate?
A Quite a strong pulling force is required to activate the airbag.
When dismounting, the rider may feel a strong tug and realizes that he/she has forgotten to disconnect the one-touch release.
However, be careful not to dismount a horse forcibly to avoid unnecessary activation.
Always disconnect the one-touch connector before dismounting a horse

Q Once the airbag is activated and inflated, can it be reused?
A Yes, it can be reused over and over again provided it has not been damaged.
Simply replace the gas cartridge using handy tools attached to the jacket.
If it is damaged, consult with an authorized dealer for a maintenance check.

Q How long will the airbag system last?
A The up-and-down movement or horse-excretions may cause the deterioration of a key ball, coiled wire or airbag tube.
A maintenance check is recommended at least once a year, depending on frequency of use or activation.
An additional or replacement key ball set and coiled wire is sold separately.

Q Can I wash my jacket as it is?
A Do not wash or launder the Hit Air (Shock-buffering Protection System).
Hit-Air jacket of all-in-one airbag should not be washed/laundered.
Take the Hit-Air system and protectors (shoulder, elbow, back etc.) out from the vest/jacket and wash or launder the vest/jacket only in accordance with the washing instructions.
? How to dismantle the airbag system
Donít wash or launder the harness type (all-in-one airbag/MLV, SV2, LV, SKV) the Hit-Air system or Protectors.
It should not be dipped in the water.
It should be dried in the shade if it gets wet.
How to remove stains.
Wipe the surface of the Hit-Air system (neck, hip cushions etc.) with a damp cloth to remove stains.
Hang it up together with a CO2 cartridge, spray water on its surface with a shower except on the key box which should not get wet.

Q What is the weight of each model?
A L(JP) size fully equipped with a gas cartridge, linings and padding
  Vest…………………………………………………………………………… About 1.4~1.5kg
  Jacket with a small key box/light gas cartridge………………………… About 1.4~1.8kg
  Kide vest with a small key box/light gas cartridge……………………… About 1.0kg

Q How Mugen Denko have developed the Hit-air?
A 1995 Began research and development work of an airbag system for motorcyclists. 1998 After a process of trial and error, completed and announce the world’s first airbag jacket for motorcyclists.
1999 Launched our airbag jacket in Europe where the safety standard is quite high.
Supplied world famous SPIDI of Italy, IXS of Switzerland and LOUIS of Germany with our airbag system and gained a reputation of high reliability.
Awarded Gold and Silver Medals at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Belgium.
A Gold Medal in the Safety Protection Life Saving Division and a Silver Medal overall.
2000年 Awarded Gold Trophy at the “Salon du Cheval” in Paris.
2001年 Launched the Hit-air jacket.
2003年 Supplied the Police Headquarters in Japan with the airbag vests for the motorcycle police.
Obtained the CE Marking approval by the EU for our airbag vest of MC Model.
Launched the airbag vest for horse riding.
2004年 Supplied the Spanish Police with the airbag vests.
2005年 Awarded the highest prize at the JPMS Motorcycle Show in France.
Launched the buckle type one-touch connector of increased strength and reliability, jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.
2006年 Signed OEM deals with top-brand apparel manufacturers for the supply of airbag jackets and vests.
Supplied the Imperial Guard Headquarters with airbag vests for horse riding.
Launched smaller and lighter key box (Y-type), jointly developed by YKK and Mugen Denko.
2007年 Authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to make a plan to develop the new business field on the basis of multisectoral collaboration.

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